Wednesday, December 01, 2010


Boarding schools for troubled teens

There are over 1500 boarding schools in the USA and a few hundred in Canada. At least here in the US, about 80% of these boarding schools are for some level of troubled teens. add, adhd, odd & behavioral problems... These boarding schools range from very easy academically to very difficult. They also range from being very therapeutic to very mild.  ( from very good to very... )

Surely some boarding schools will be more suitable than others and they may all look great on the web.  Boarding schools range in cost from about $2000 a month and up.  Talk to a Certified Educational Consultant  ( CEP ) who can help you look at all your options and give you advice about what schools maybe more suitable than others,  Call me Steve Bozak MA CEP  518-373-8069   Guidance for you to get all your options.

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