Monday, September 05, 2005


Steff, you wouldn't have to push so hard if you pushed that yellow handle you on your left. this lawnmower is auto drive, that's why it's so heavy, it's selfpropelled.  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, September 04, 2005


at Laguna Beach!  Posted by Picasa

Saturday, September 03, 2005


Lynn Richard my old friend form College!  Posted by Picasa


Stephanie and Dad in Korea Posted by Picasa


going fishing Posted by Picasa


summer of 2005 was nice! my back yard! Posted by Picasa


a little golf at Arrowhead CO Posted by Picasa


here is my house near Albany New York, see the antennas?  Posted by Picasa


me and my car 2005 Posted by Picasa


Hey a little gang action in NYC on my way to Honderus Posted by Picasa


in Korea! Posted by Picasa


yea! I like this! as much as possible! Posted by Picasa


merry Christmas 2003 Posted by Picasa


In Korea at Ewha University! with Dean Foster Posted by Picasa


Me and the girls from IECA Posted by Picasa


Sten change my flat tire so you can do it when you gown up! Posted by Picasa


Yes, Stephanie went to College! Posted by Picasa


agian, have to have a little fun! in Costa Rica Posted by Picasa


HOughton's party at my house, 76 people 24 hours! Posted by Picasa


getting my hear cut in Honderus! Posted by Picasa


Getting my grove on, in Honderus! Posted by Picasa


now I fly out of ALB  Posted by Picasa


the Rabbi ( 76 years old ) cuts my hair at my house!  Posted by Picasa


Osa with lots of monkeys! Posted by Picasa


filling the car in Honduras Posted by Picasa

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