Sunday, September 10, 2006

ultra light yesterday, it flys like driving a small car! turns on a dime, 4 gallons an hour, 120 miles per hour...
what that 30 mi's a gallon? better than my car! Posted by Picasa

this car got alot of attention, in maryland, last weekend.  Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

happy trails to you, until we meet agian.  Posted by Picasa

Sailing on the North Pacific  Posted by Picasa

Wow Skiing in Taos Posted by Picasa

in Utha agian Posted by Picasa

In Korea Posted by Picasa

Honderous  Posted by Picasa

HOnderous!  Posted by Picasa

a litle shootting for fun!  Posted by Picasa

getting my hair cut at home by the Rabbi  Posted by Picasa

Jungal of Costa Rica Posted by Picasa

one of my many trips to samoa  Posted by Picasa

MExico! fun and cheap!  Posted by Picasa

my friend and I in Dominican Rep. Posted by Picasa

I like the snow!! but I dont like driving in it... Posted by Picasa

I got to put gas in the plane sometimes. Posted by Picasa

My back yard!  Posted by Picasa

got one! but I put him back... great fishing in Utha! Posted by Picasa

i would live in this city if I could! I love Salt Lake City!  Posted by Picasa

German TV came and interviewed me about troubled teens!  Posted by Picasa

panning for gold, but wasn't very lucky!  Posted by Picasa


Osa Costa Rica!

this is what I do in Costa Rica! Posted by Picasa


Skiing At White Face

it's close and cheap and icey! Posted by Picasa

Steve Bozak in Costa Rica, one of my favorite places. Nice beaches, nice hotels. Great food. great weather. Posted by Picasa

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